OBama on "The View" on Journalists

Poster from Newseum in Washington, D.C.

┬áThe excerpt from Kevin Alloca’s article on OBama’s comments┬áreads:

“Shortly after, while responding to a question posed by Elizabeth Hasselbeck about the country feeling divided, the president remarked, “My hope is that I’ve tried to set a tone in the debate that says, ‘Look, we . . . → Read More: OBama’s comment on Media ( “The View” )

Horse Therapy

Tristen Gauna tries to get Daisy's attention

A new approach to helping kids ages six to 17 years old with personal and interpersonal problems uses silent feedback from horses called Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. It is being piloted in two Vail district elementary schools in Pima County near Tucson.

I was invited to observe . . . → Read More: Horse Therapy

News in progress...

2009 Mental Health Insurance Legislation Revisited

Clarke Romans, executive director of NAMISA

The federal government passed a law in 2009 requiring all employers with 50+ employees who provided insurance for mental and physical illness to insure the coverage was equal. It took effect in January. With so much debate over national health care, . . . → Read More: Mental Health Parity on Insurance